Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fouth of July Celebration in the Garden

Yes, the evening threatened rain. Only in the last half hour did we get sprinkles. After the concert was all packed up, the guests huddled under the umbrellas and food tent for more conversation and fare midst a light summer rain and the the twilight of flickering lamps.

We've invited Embedded Reporter back for the Fourth of July Garden Celebration. The grill will be on for anyone who wants to grill an entree'. The hostess will also serve her secret Margaritas with all guests. Come for music and fun. After the event, everyone is invited to Cate and Burt Babcocks' for viewing of the fireworks over the Marina. Looking forward to celebrating the holiday with you. Mary

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fabulous Mark Lefebvre featured Saturday June 27th

Bring your favorite wine and a bite to eat while enjoying our next guest, Mark Lefebvre. Mark has a very unique musical style that leads you to sway to the resonance of his strings in concert to the rhythm of your heart. His venue includes some cover, but he shines when performing his original lyrics complemented by his acoustic guitar. As a teaser we have included a sampling of his works. Go to to listen.

Wonderful Opener for Garden Soiree' Kick-Off 2009

After a week of torrential rains and tornado warnings, the skies cleared for a beautiful opener for the 2009 Garden Soiree' Series. The night was beautiful, the music over the top and the guests all mingled and enjoyed the sharing of wine, personal picnic baskets and conversation. We are looking forward to next week's artist and another opportunity to meet members of our community for a relaxing evening of music and food. Join us Saturday, June 27th for an evening with Mark Lefebvre. Gardens open at 6:00 and music 7-9PM.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Garden is to be Shared

My hands have been embedded in the soil since 8 when my mother handed me a number of marigold seeds and instructed me to use my finger to draw a trench to bury them. As they grew, my interest and love for color, design and being a part of a natural miracle progressed. Everywhere I have lived, I made a pact to leave a mark of beauty behind.

I purchased my home in Port Washington late 2001 and immediately took a tiller to the front yard to scribe a flower garden. The rest is a series of garden stories. After a walking tour of Umbria/Tuscany in 2008 my heart was changed by the example of St. Francis of Assisi. His life breathed service and giving. I realized that all the work and energy of this garden was not to be for myself. My motto has become "a garden is not to be gated, but rather a gateway for the splendor of God's tapestry to be shared". May the work of these hands be an honor to Him and may this space provide rest and peace to all that enter.

2009 Garden Soiree Series

Come and relax in one of Port Washington's residential gardens while listening to local singer-songwriters. Gardens open at 6 and the performance begins at 7, followed by campfire and conversation. BYO food, beverages and blanket, we provide re-useable dishware to minimize garbage. A recommended donation of $10 for the musician and a non-perishable food item for food pantry per person is appreciated. Please note that google map image is not my house. Though my address is 128 E. Kane, when you go to google map approach 166 E Kane to find the house. This is a 6 week series beginning 6/20/2009. Adults Only. Rain or Shine. See you there. M

Kick-Off June 20 Embedded Reporter

Assignment Earth, Filing Stories, Making Deadlines

"Embedded Reporter" is a live music resource. The music is all over the map style-wise including ballads, Broadway, film-tunes, rock, blues, country, folk, roots, Latin, and more. Vocal harmonies are rich—everyone sings. Instrumentation is largely acoustic although the band does amplify as the situation warrants. One caveat: Embedded Reporter is not a "cover band", although it does "cover" a lot of great tunes. However, they tend to do them differently from the original—many people say, "Better!"

Artistically, there’s a lot of latitude, making Embedded Reporter music appealing to a diverse audience.

Embedded Reporter, a commercial band tipped toward original material, is able to split into assorted combinations of Embedded Reporter personnel to meet the needs and budget of a particular gig.
Who is Embedded Reporter?
* Howard Lewis (lead vocals, vocal harmonies, guitar, keyboards)
* Darrell Smith (lead vocals, vocal harmonies, violin, and percussion)
* Anthony Deutsch (lead vocals, vocal harmonies, keyboards, guitar, harmonica)

Embedded Reporter Bio
“We tell stories about what we see and things that have happened to us,” says Howard Lewis. “They are snapshots from a personal point of view, but many of the experiences are universal in nature. Others are just plain funny. All sorts of people relate to the music.”

Lewis formed his first band, Alberta Blue, in 1971 shortly after returning from Vietnam, touring the East Coast for five years. Along the way he began crafting material. “Songwriting and feature writing have been on the front burner ever since,” he says.

Violinist and Percussionist Darrell Smith, a native of Chapel Hill, NC, joined Embedded Reporter in 2003. According to Lewis, “Darrell sings harmony to my lead parts, and I return the favor when he has the lead.”

Relatively new to the scene is keyboardist Anthony Deutsch. “Anthony defies description,” says Lewis. “His keyboard skills are phenomenal, and he also translates his musical gifts to the guitar and any other challenge presented to him.”

The songs are rich in lyrical content. Embedded Reporter is a singer’s band. “It’s very joyful,” says Smith. “We do lowbrow music for smart people.”

Embedded Reporter is dynamic in concert. The music is all over the map style-wise including ballads, Broadway, film-tunes, rock, blues, country, folk, roots, Latin, and more. Vocal harmonies are rich. Instrumentation is largely acoustic. “We do amplify as the situation warrants,” says Lewis “We’re not a ‘cover band’, although we do ‘cover’ a lot of great tunes. But we tend to perform them somewhat differently from the originals. Audiences can also expect to hear a broad range of original material in many different genres.”


Howard Lewis
(262) 573-0325

Darrell Smith
(414) 313-4323

Anthony Deutsch
(414) 305-8316