Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zach Steiner Featured June 19th

We discovered Zach Steiner at a fundraiser event this winter at Wauwatosa East High. Within moments of his performance he proved to be an intensely gifted musician with deep lyrical talent. He is a self taught guitarist influenced by such great songwriters as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. A bassist at heart, the trained ear can hear active bass lines in his acoustic work. As a writer he captures his personal reflections on society and the effects social culture has in one's own life. Zach will be moving to Austin, Texas in September and hopes to become a part of the ever growing music and arts culture in that area. He says he will never stop playing and when you hear his music, you'll be inclined to believe him. This is his premier performance in the garden. Come and applaud his talent and discover the world through his musical language. Looking forward to seeing you all again this weekend. Bring your goodies and a friend to share the magic. Suggested donation is $10 per person and a gift of food to share with the Food Pantry.

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July 3 Inland Moss
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July 17 John Higgins/Mark Hubing and Band
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July 31 Finale' KT and the Universal Love Band

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